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New California Smog testing work around?

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Hey all,

I'm sure most of the California owners here with tuned engines and modified sticks are going to have a similar problem that I'm in. Currently running 175/30 sticks and damn do they smoke on stock tune. I can't just return to stock tune and go smog.

My question is: Can I downgrade my nozzles to 175/stock, revert back to stock tune, run the system readiness and pass smog?
Obviously, I would get new tunes after passing smog to best utilize the 175/0. I just need to pass smog with the biggest injectors I can run.
2006 F250 CCSB- Studded, O-ringed, Barder PMax Stage 2, Airdog 2, RR, 4" exhaust

Anyone have good luck with Accurate Diesel stock replacement nozzles?

Please no comments about moving to a different county or out of California, these are not viable options.

Thank you for your inputs!
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Since my injectors are <1month old, I'm thinking of just changing out the nozzles and keeping the 30% overs as backup. (or sell them!)
I was hoping to get some advice on how 175/0 and stock tuning runs.
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