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hi all,

I'm new to this page but have trolled it alot to help with some endeavors. My current endeavor has me stumped. I see on this sight that the issue of low pressure in the hi pressure oil system getting to injectors seems to stump ALOT of people. I don't know anyone with experience with 7.3 that I can bounce ideas off so I was hoping I can get advice and diagnostic confirmation that I'm going about it right.

Here's what I got.

2001 f250 with the 7.3. 334k miles. Ran great but engine is tired. Sooooo,

Pulled engine.
  • Bought new crate engine from Ford.
  • Installed ARP headstuds.
  • installed Irate Diesel T4 kit with 364.5 BW turbo and custom piping and new up pipes.
  • chipped computer from PHP HYDRA with 1023 tuning.
  • full force 205/80 hybrid injectors
  • stage 2 pushrods
  • Beehive springs
  • adrenaline HPOP
-IDP complete fuel system with fuel bowl delete.
  • woodys valve body with deep pan.
  • trans cooler bypass delete kit.
  • installed cts3 screen with egt probe and trans temp.
  • stage 3 KT performance TQ.

Ok... so now, issue at hand. Crank no start with no smoke.

Diagnostics approached so far:

Diagnosis result are from a snap-on scanner I have.

  • Battery voltage: full with a truck that has jumper cables hooked up during cranking.
  • buzz test- good. No codes. Can hear all injectors buzz. Sounds crisp.
  • getting 12v to ipr.
  • getting 5v to icp
  • RPMS jump to 165ish when cranking.
  • WTS light comes on and goes off like normal.
  • service light comes on and goes off like normal.
  • ICP reading doesn't go over 38psi.
  • when ICP is unplugged, computer reads 2,280psi.
  • confirmed computer is telling IPR proper percentages.
  • filled HPOP reservoir and verified MANY times during startup process that it's still full and it is.
  • bled both high oil pressure galleys on both banks. Getting oil.
  • adjusted fuel pressure on new fuel lab regulator to 60psi and cracked the return line to verify fuel flow. Getting fuel flow.
  • I've been cranking for 3 days. I think air would be out of the system enough by now.

So here's where I'm at right now:

- pulled valve covers(while cussing up a storm) to check for any injector o ring leaks. No leaks found but also no oil coming out of any of the injectors spill ports.
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My next step I was thinking of doing is pulling the brand new IPR and bench testing it. Also, recheck the 95ftlb. Torque on the HPOP gear nut. Then last, find some fittings and do a deadhead test. I find it very unlikely that the adrenaline HPOP is faulty from factory.

If anyone has some guidance, advice or knowledge, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks, Cody

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So, you're not getting any HiPres Oil and that's certainly what's keeping you from starting. I'm not sure if a Totally Open IPR would have you getting only 30psi, maybe with Air in there, I mean it's not going to purge without pressure to drive it out through the Injectors...

But let's start with the IPR, maybe put a constant 12v into the coil (from the battery) and see what that does. Did you by any chance keep the old one? Throw that in if you did (and these are Motorcraft sensors? Not Aftermarket ~ right?)

From there you're gonna need a Gauge and the ability to block-off each side to be able to find why it's so low (which means either the pump isn't able to make good pressure, or the good pressure it is making gets bled-off somewhere).

God Vid ->

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That 38 psi is not gonna cut it -- the pressure reading with the ICP sensor disconnected is a made up number by the PCM programming, so ignore that one

7.3 guys don't seem to be much on air testing, but I would do that test to see if the system can hold pressure
you have "spare" oil ports on the head (driver side pretty easy to get) -- jump a battery to the IPR to make it close off and see if the air stops

Fire up ForScan and lets see if any codes are popping up -- your cts3 is a fine monitor, but can miss codes

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remove the glow plugs to aid your starter, fully charge batteries and have the charger on standby.

It can take a LOT of cranking to get all of the air out of the HPO system, I would even remove the inspection port of the HPOP to see if it is primed with oil from the LPOP (oil should be no less than an inch from the top)

Sounds like a classic case of an air bound HPO system or a HPOP that isn't primed with oil to supply HPO to the injectors.

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Could remove the little plug on the driver side head to help bleed the high pressure oil -- there is on that is fairly easy to get to -- or remove the ICP sensor and crank over until oil comes out, will get the driver side head at least
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