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New build

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I recently bought a 6.4 and am in the process of putting her back together she’s in pieces right now! I’m doing new radiator, intercooler, thermostats, oil cooler, coolant hoses and radiator support from Mishimoto, fluidamp balancer, new low pressure oil pump and front cover new belts. All new charge pipes air intake coolant filter system from sinister diesel, up pipes, deletes with h&s racing tuner. New seals on turbo. O dawg ported intake new rocker arms with billet bridges and push rods from Rudy’s. Ccv reroute, arp studs new head gaskets. Set of icon series aluminum o-ringed heads from killsdevil maybe a few other small things I’ve forgot. Is there anything else anyone would recommend doing while I’ve got it apart? This is my first 6.4 it’s been a fun little project everything’s been done cab on (without even lifting it) so far!
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I wanted to get them just because they looked cool but couldn’t justify $1200 for covers because they look cool!
Waste of money. Can't see them anyway. Cool project.
at least do lifters.
You must replace them or pay later when they self destruct.
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