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Hey guys,

I’m not new to the diesel world but am new to the Powerstroke world. I’ve driven a (saying it quietly) ecodiesel for the last few years as a daily driver. Predictably I finally had my last nerve pushed last week with the little guy and sold it. Today I purchased a 2000 F250 XLT 7.3 Powerstroke with 215k miles.
I have very small oil and transmission fluid leaks, which absolutely look to be the seals. I was able to get the seller to compensate me on those. Any suggestions in that department are welcomed, in fact any suggestions overalls are welcomed. It’s straight piped with a K&N cold air intake but I believe that’s it.
Thanks to all, and please be gentle with my ecodiesel bullshit!
Welcome to the .ORG

Find out where the drips are coming down from and we can probably lead to where they are originating from.

K&N has a bad reputation with the 7.3 because of their drop in filter element. Ford actually made 3 different sized filter boxes and K&N only made 1 filter, so the K&N filter in the other two boxes didn't fully seal and dusted the turbos.

I'm more of a fan of S&B too, and hence we carry them.

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