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I would first get rid of the K&N. Those filters will bring you nothing but grief with a turbo diesel. If you want after market look at the Donaldson 6637 from RiffRaff. The filter box on your truck is likely showing age and may be cracked so look at it very closely if you decide to keep the factory air box.

When it comes to leaks they can be very deceiving. Clean the engine from top down then to the back under, use rags and small soft brushes. Do it again then repeat again. If you have a leak on the top side of the engine it will flow down the valley drain on the rear passenger side and show at the bell housing the go everywhere. Be mindful of all your connectors, sensors, and the wiring so as to not damage them.

Use good engine solvents and lots of water. Some folks including myself like Simple Green as well and I usually use it after a solvent wash then rinse again.

If the transmission pan is leaking check all the bolts and re-touque them to 11 foot pounds. I am going on the assumption you have the auto.. The pan gasket is touted as a lifetime part and is reinforced rubber. You may need to replace it.

Also get FORScan and the OBD II adapter they recommend to use for any troubleshooting. Check for codes now and every so often to keep an eye on the health of the truck.

Since this is also your first post, Welcome.
Sensors and control items on this truck need to be OEM, if you use corner part store or others you are likely to get knockoffs and will pay in money and frustration so do the job once, stay away form Fleebay and Cramazon. I may miss one but look at the list and I have not affiliation with any. Some trusted sources for parts.

RiffRaff Diesel
Diesel O Rings
Ford Part Counter Guy/ Gal
Navistar/ International Part Counter Guy/ Gal
Apologies to others I may have missed but feel free to jump in.

Fill out the signature section with your truck details and it will make it easier for us to assist in the future.
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