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I managed to buy a 1999 7.3 xlt 2wd. It has mechanical issues when it was parked (white smoke, no power) has been sitting on land for a better part of 6 years.

per the previous owner (can confirm) has replaced the fuel injectors, turbo, and oil pump.

my father in law is a master diesel mechanic and this project is a father-son bonding type thing as I’m a novice when it comes to diesels

we plan to resurrect this beast from the dead and show why the 7.3 is king.

now……it is a 2wd. I want to convert it to a full 4x4. Money is not a issue as this truck will never be sold. It is purely a toy to dump stupid amounts of money into and become my daughters first vehicle…..14 years from now
Wheel Tire Vehicle Plant Car

need inspiration. Would like to see what you all have done to your 7.3 And ultimately guide me to how this truck will transform
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