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Whatsup everybody, I bought a 2004 6.0 a few weeks ago and as much as I love it, I'm already noticing some issues. Looking for some solid advice from people who know what they're talking about. I have been around the truck world for some years now, however, this is my first turbo diesel. When I test drove the truck I couldn't find any issues. Trans seemed to shift smooth and everything. Blows my mind within the first two weeks these issues arrive. Also, I do have a 12 month/12k mile warranty on the truck covering all mechanical problems (motor, trans, etc.) and I plan to exercise that warranty as much as I can haha. Here are the few problems I need some insight on:

1. Trans - I've noticed there's definitely something up with the tranny lately. Especially during the first 10-20 minutes of driving after its first start up for the day. The TOW/HAUL light on the shifter continuously blinks while its running which if I'm not mistaken, means a trans problem. It has trouble shifting and will "buck" or "knock" into gear upon upshifts and downshifts. During the drive, it will try to shift into the next gear but seems like it gets stuck mid-shift and I totally lose power in that split moment until it eventually catches a gear. Almost seems like it pulls me back in that moment when its trying to find that gear. It has a delay sometimes when engaging reverse, and will slightly knock itself into gear and do what its supposed to. Normally after a little driving around town and the truck is all nice and warm, these problems aren't as common or noticeable. But will still happen from time to time. But like I said, every morning on the first run of the day, there's no doubt that these problems are there.

2. Oil leak - On the 3rd or 4th day of having it, I noticed a small oil leak dripping below my truck. Traced it up to the block, and inspected around the turbo. It looks like its coming from where the rubber elbow boot from the charge pipe meets the turbo. I honestly cant really tell if theres a loss of power or boost, considering this is my first turbo diesel. I came from driving a torqued out 500rwhp SRT8 so the truck just naturally feels sluggish to me lol. Anyways, I dont know if the elbow connector is just worn out and leaking oil or what? I tightened down the elbow and its not leaking any oil onto the ground anymore but I can still tell theres a leak by looking at the block. Oil pressure is running normal from what the guage says.

Since I have this warranty that should cover the repairs, I'm not so worried about the costs of these repairs. Just wondering if any of you have experienced these problems before and how you went about getting them fixed.

Any advice would be helpful. Feel like a damn fool when it comes to learning about these diesels haha.
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