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Nerf Bars for 97 F350 Crew Cab 2WD

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Does anybody know a company that makes nerf bars or steps for a 97 F350 Crew Cab Dually 2WD. Westin makes them only for the 4WD and I cannot use them, I already got 2 sets of them because Westin keeps telling my dealer that these are the ones now... I am looking for the tube style in black.


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u kood have someone make'em for you custom.
Try Luverne and if possible $$ go for stainless. I had a set of those painted westins rot off my truck in 4 years.
Unfortunately neither stylingtrucks nor luverne have em. They got stuff that comes close but not quiet it. The problem is the 2WD Crew Cab. Super Cab wouldn't be a problem or 4WD wouldn't either. Anybody else got a pointer other than me firing up the old welder and going to work?

and of course you have tried jcwhitney by now?
Just to finish this thread if people later want to reference this during a search. I have tried all options to find nerf bars for my truck and ran out of luck. Friends of mine own an offroad shop and they tried all their suplliers but nothing. I guess I will either fab something up myslef or not have nerf bars. Individual steps are no problem for this truck, but that is not what I want.

Thanks though for all the replies

my moms best friends husband got some nerfs for a dodge and made a mount. it hangs a little too low for me but its just mounted on a plate thats welded somewhere on the bottom of the truck they are very solid and he got them for like $50
Got them. Inspite off me giving up earlier, a fellow Ford owner on this forum pointed me in a new direction and after some more searching I found some. Got them on the site They are made by Go Industries and are the cab length type. Black finish cost me $260 with free shipping. They fit nicely, completely bolt on, they attach to the cab mount in the front and the frame in the back. They give a little when I stand on them but they hold. So for anyone researching this in the future, they do exist.
why does the 2 & 4 wheel drive make a difference on the westin bars?

I have a '96 and in same boat as you. Looking at the go industries bars you mentioned.
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