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need to identify part

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when I roll key to start this part starts clicking and when I start truck it continues until I shut truck is on passenger side has one power connection and has two vacuum lines front and back going to and from it and one line going to bow next to is between the part clicking and the left side battery ,the is nestled all the ac and heating components.
just trying to figure out if it has anything to do with my hard starting issues.


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Vacuum Pump! (because there's no Throttle Plate to "pull against", most diesels don't make good vacuum). They almost always run when you first roll-on the key, if it never shuts off then you probably have a leak (usually in the hub lines if you have EOSF 4WD)

Plays No Part in Starting though...
thanks for the reply i have esof i’ll check vacuum lines, also hard start issue was i believe glow plug relay positive post was broke i swapped out and started this morning with out using starting fluid,just wasn’t sure if that clicking was related.
An Active Glow Plug System + Either will do Serious Damage to your engine. Do Not Use Either! Other "Sprays" like Brake Cleaner or WD40 are a safe alternative.

Also, above around 40*F the GP system shouldn't be necessary to get a quick start. You don't really need them to work to start like it should...
i know either bad , tried brake fluid would not start.temps are 35-45 every morning i’m a mile and a half up a mountain and took 5 days to get the relay.starting fluid needed to get started.
Not "brake fluid" though ~ right? ;)

If you're Absolutely SURE that the plugs aren't going to come on at All, then either isn't As Toxic, but with either WD40 or BrakeClean 1/2 the job is actually being done with the Propane they use to pressurize the can with I think...
ya it was brake kleen several shots no start lots of white smoke when it started. 7 days of using either to start in morning then it ran fine got relay yesterday and started fine this morning,i’ll change glow plugs when i get home in october
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