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need some tech advise!!!

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well would like to have some help and any short cuts of replacing head gaskets on the 6.0 its still going to keep the head bolts in it. guy just want to fix it to sell it again. have heard that i can get the heads off without taking the cab off if im just using the stock head bolts. and with using bolts again should i order new ones incase the old have streched? thanks
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I would say for sure get new bolts for sure. And why dont he put the thing for sale as is and see if the new owner would like to put studs? Never hered of anyone doing the head gaskets with the cab still on. But if you have a lift why not do the job easy and pull the cab?
You can do it without raising the cab,lots harder to do this way but not impossible, replace the head bolts!
It can be done with the cab on, but you don't want to do it unless you have to. Let me dig up a thread I had saved, lots of pic's and a small write up. Deffently get he Ford gasket set and new bolts if that's whats going in. You should tell the seller that if they put studs in and delete the egr system the 6.0 a better motor then the 7.3. More power less lag ect...
ok thanks guys i was just wondering cause i wont have the two post lift to work on it. i tried to get him to put studs in but he just wants it fixed to sell it or trade it or what ever he wants to do.
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