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Need some gurus to take a quick look

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just did my 4.5" icon lift. lift was used and i didnt really know what length to set the panbar to. So i just left it at what it was set at. Heres what it looks like. My steering wheel also needs to rotate to the left at least half a turn to be centered. as well. I was having trouble figuring this out.
I didnt know if the ball join that the panbar connects to should be pointed straight down if my wheels are pointed straight.
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well if the steering wheel was straight before the lift and it's not straight now you most likely need to adjust the bar.
The instructions said to loosen drag link clamps and do it that way. I know u don't want that bar too loose. And there is no measurement given on length. Same as trackbar isn't it
No you need to measure and make sure the axle is centered and then adjust the drag link if needed.
Thats where i think i was confused. it seariously read that way to me in ICOnS instructions. as i know nothinga bout steering. maybe i will just take it somewhere. axle looks centered to me
Go to an experienced shop and get it aligned. It isn't hard to do, but if you doubt your ability , the SAFE bet is a shop.
Got the steering centering figured out. Piece of cake once i got under the truck and followed the bars and saw where each connected and what they do. Thanks for helping.

Now i still am unsure about the pan/trackbar . Where it hooks to the ball joint opposite of the adjustment end. the ball joint bolt itself is angled toward the drivers side and a little toward the front of the truck. Now looking at the bar itself if i were to lengthen it, i would guess it would go back and then more towards center. I tried getting the Allen screws out to adjust it, but WOW those suckers are stuck. I will play with it tomorrow. Anyone have a pic of a 4.5" ICON lift to see what there panbar connection looks like
Any info on the pan bar ball joint
that ball joint will have an angle

but you needed to center the axle via the trac bar ( only 1 shop I can think of calls it a panhard on out trucks) first before you adjusted the steering wheel center

but no biggie you will do it again now

they sell allen sockets by the way

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The axle is on center already. i was just wondering if the above photo i posted was what other fellas looked like. If it is i wont worry about it. Thanks Zmann....Yah i was just calling it what ICON was calling it. I know it as the trackbar...same as on our jeep.
Gladly the axle is center because those allen heads are seriously stuck! GONNA need some serious penetrant.
when you get an alignment they should fix that
already got er now. Once i took the time to look at the components and what they actually connect to it made since. all the above jibberish i said wouldnt have been a big deal if i had understood what everything does.
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