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need some advice

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My stepdad just bought a 94 f-250 powerstroke today and were already lookin for parts to make it tow his camper alot better. Basicly im looking for a good clutch that is going to be able to hold minor mods(chip, intake, exhaust, and a quickspool housing) and hold up to a 27 foot camper on long trips thru the mountains. any advice will be helpful. also are the 94s considered powerstrokes and will obs programmers work on it? Thanks in advance
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early 94's are not powerstrokes, there are 94.5's that are powerstrokes. look to see what date the truck was made. hope this helps
From what I recall there were 3 engine choices in 94. IDI NA, IDI Turbo and the PSD.

I am not a fan of the 1.0 exhaust housing. I had one but once I got a better chip it was not needed and a waste of money. Unless he is doing an Intercooler which I would highly recommend towing in Mountains.
Like above, the first thing to do is identify the motor. Being a 5 speed its possible its a PSD (94 powerstroke were only available with 5 speeds) Seeing as you have a 99 I would assume you can visually identify the powerstroke motor...Main different right away is that the AC compressor and Alternator locations are switch between your motor and his motor.
I looked at the build date and it was built 06 of 94. i guess since the powerstrokes were in the 94.5s. then his must be one of the first. it does have a high pressure oil bump and resivoir. we are sitll looking for a good clutch for it were thinkin of puttin a south bend 350 horse clutch in it from Beans Diesel. i hope thats enough.
valair makes some good clutchs... and you can get them from [email protected] automotive.... you can find him on here... or just click on his banner in my signature and it will take you to his web site... good luck
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