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I did a little searching on here but couldn't find what I needed. As the titles reads I need to replace both sides. I was changing out my rear brakes and noticed they are broken on both sides.

My question is what is the OEM capacity rated for on a 99 F-250 SD Ext Cab. I have dug around the internet and found these:

generalspringkc. com/index.php?p=product&id=1450&parent=82

Rated at:

•Spring Capacity = 3300 lbs
•Width = 3
•# of Leaves = 5(4/1)

•Measures (A/B) = 25 x 33-1/4

•Pack Thickness = 2-1/4
•Bushings Included

Also if anyone knows the part numbers for the u-bolts that would be a great help.
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