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need help with radio

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ok so i finally got a sub woofer. i tried installing it and now not only does the sub not work but my radio wont either. i did blow the fuse and replaced it and now it wont work at all the sub is a kicker pt250 with the built in am im not sure what the radio is i know its a dual xm somthing. long story short i need some hellp so i dont have pay a shop 75$ an hour to find out what is wrong im sorta new to diy on my truck so any help is much appreciated
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radio fuse is good power and ground are good the only thing is for some reason im not getting power to the yellow 12v battery cable it has an inline fuse that is still good but im not sure which wire is the 12v battery on the trucks wiring so i dont know how to check it
i did buy a harnes there is a yellow wire on it that gooes to tthe factory plug and its supposed to be a 12v constant but it has no power at all and i have checked the uses i have already replaced the only bolwn one and still nothing is working
so the yellow 12v constant wire has nothing to do with making the radio stay on? if thats the case then it should turn on because the red 12v ignition wire does read 12v when the key is in the on positon but still nothing from the radio. i know its not the ground because with the multimeter i use the ground the radio uses as well so i know it is grounded.
wait im sorry i dont understand what you mean connect it to the red just to test then find another 12v constant to hook it to? because the radio wont turn on at all
tested it with the red wire it is getting 12v from the red i think i found the 12v that is for the truck there isnt any power going to it but that shouldnt keep my radio from coming on when the ignition is turned on so i think its something with the radio
Ok the radio still won't power up should I go buy a new radio?
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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