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need help with radio

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ok so i finally got a sub woofer. i tried installing it and now not only does the sub not work but my radio wont either. i did blow the fuse and replaced it and now it wont work at all the sub is a kicker pt250 with the built in am im not sure what the radio is i know its a dual xm somthing. long story short i need some hellp so i dont have pay a shop 75$ an hour to find out what is wrong im sorta new to diy on my truck so any help is much appreciated
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So you didn't buy the harness that you wire into the factory plug and you do not have a meter or test light?
oh, ok... so just find 12v constant. There should be plenty under the dash, that yellow wire is only the memory so the radio doesnt lose its settings.
Correct. Just hook the yellow to the red source for testing.
Yes... to rule out the radio needing the memory to see 12v just tie it into the red wire for a test.

If the radio powers up ur good, if not you have two problems
Um... yes...
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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