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2005 F250 FX4 Lariat CCSB - ARP studs, EGR deleted, IPR coolant filter, PHP FICM tunes.
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So I have an 04 f350 and its ran fine for as long as ive had it. But taking a look around at this forum I feel I should start looking at my oil temps. However when I plugged my scan tool in to look at live data it said there was no oil temp sensor. Taking a look under the hood I found the sensor but the computer seems to think it isnt there. In fed up with it at this point and I'm considering just leaving it alone and adding an aftermarket gauge. Which is something I was going to do anyway.

I was looking at these, if ive read correctly that cap fits an oil temp sensor on top. Just wondering everones thoughts and opinions as well as if this will work thanks!
Torque Pro costs $5 IIRC.

You can run it on a smartphone or tablet.

The only other thing you need is a ODB2 to Bluetooth adapter (you could use OBD2 to USB, but then you have to find the right cable to fit your phone)

Above is what I use for monitoring my 05 6.0.

I am pretty sure I had to load the Ford PID set (an easy thing to do with no additional cost) before I could see oil temp.

I have VGT, boost, ICP, IPR, coolant temp, oil temp, transmission temp, and fan speed all on one screen.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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