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Need help! IH up pipe install

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I cant get the up pipe to tighten to the collector tight. The flange still moves and the bolts are on pretty tight. I dont want to break the bolts. I dont know what the deal is. Any info will help
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Thats what ive been using. I just dont get why the up pipe is not tightening down. The bolt almost feels like it is bottoming out. I already had to extract two broken bolts from last night. Im not understanding why they wont bolt up tight without breaking.
The new collector probably isnt threaded properly. Its a bit of a known issue, just not known by many.

Try running a tap through it to clean up the threads
The bolts go in good it just seems like the bolt is bottoming out on the cast. The tip of the bolt was messed up. Ill try and post a pic.
Try adding a washer or two.
As long as you have enough threaded in there it should be fine.
Heres the bolt


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probably sound dumb, but you using the right bolt in the right location...have yet to hear this problem.

Or, hit up hardware store, get smaller grade 8 bolts?
It said use the short bolts and in the kit it came with long bolts (for the manifold) and short bolts which i assumed was for the collector.
I'm sure its just not threaded properly. Pop a couple washers on there and call it a day.
Thats what im going to do. Thanks guys.
Well i got everything bolted on and took the truck for a drive and noticed some noises when i give it gas and it feels like there is no turbo power at all. It sounds like a leak sort of. Kind of a fluttering noise but sounds good at idle. Could it have anything to do with the valve inside the exhaust side? I thought that little bar was a bit loose that u have to clip to the valve. Anyone had any issues like this? Any thoughts?
Figured the issue. It was my lack of sleep work. The collector was clamped right. I know they are a pain to get them clamped but does anyone have any tricks or suggestions on how to get it clamped right the clamp seems to tight to be able to get tbe bolt through the clamp and then tighten th nut.
Its a bit of a pain, just make it super loose and lay back there until it lines up. You may have to losen the manifold to uppipe bolts to get it aligned correctly.
i had the issue with the bolts not wanting to go in. i tightened the passenger side up pipe completely to the collector before i installed it.
then tightened the bolts from the driver side up pipe from underneath.
they fought me every step of the way.
i didnt think about it but im sure i should have retapped it.
dont forget anti seize on all of the bolts just in case.
tighten the up pipes to the manifolds last.
make sure you get the ebpv hooked back up when you put the turbo
back on. i almost forgot :doh:
just lay on the motor and reach around and get the bolt through then thread the nut on with your other hand. having a flashlight helps too.
they clamps dont need to be tightened very much either. i think it was like 18 ft lbs?
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