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I need some advice on what to look for concerning some issues on my 2005 F250 6.0 PSD. I am pretty mechanically inclined, but have hit a wall on this without having to take it into dealership to let them empty the bank account. I will list the issues ive been having, and the repairs I have made, in sequence as best as I can. Hopefully someone has run into this or could advise me on what to check next.

*Note: Ive owned this truck for about 4 years and have never had any issues with the brakes or anything else, other than injectors of course. New pads were installed right before I bought the truck and I have not had to replace them til now.

1. At the beginning of January, my ABS light came on. Did not notice any change in brakes, or the anti-lock system, so I decided to go ahead and change all of my pad on front and bag with the best Wagners pads I could find. Hoping that through this process, I could find something or narrow it down to a ABS sensor somewhere

2. While replacing pads, noticed that the rubber seal around one of the pistons in my front right caliper was busted, and the tip of piston was cracked, also, one of the guide rods was stuck. So i installed a new caliper and caliper mounting bracket, then bled the lines.

3. Light stayed on, and later that week, I noticed an obvious burning smell from my left rear caliper, seemed to be dragging. Replaced that caliper, then bled the line.

4. After installing the caliper, ive noticed fluid around and on the disk on that back left brake. checked hose and connection, no leaks there, but seemed to be coming from inside around the piston of the new caliper. (It does this very randomly).

5. So days I can be driving and everything feels fine (no dragging, smells, and even a smoother ride) some days it feels like Im pulling a heavy trailer.

6. Also, when im stopped at a red light, and release the brake to go, i feel a slight hesitation when hitting the gas, almost like one of the calipers releases later than the others, its just a small jolt. There was 1 or 2 days where it did not do this, then it came back.

7. Not long after this, I noticed a whomp whomp noise from my front left wheel, thinking it was my hub, but not having a lot of time to check it out, I dropped it off at my ford dealer and asked them to check it out, and also find out what my brake issue was.

8. After a day at the dealership, they called and said I need a new hub bearing assembly, but they did not have anyone available to check the brake, but a new hub should make the light go off, since it has a sensor on it. They wanted $1200 for it, so I picked up my truck and went and bought a hub bearing assmy from O'Reilly for $450 and put it in myself in a few hours.

9. ABS light went off breifly, but came back on a day later. Still feel like something is dragging or not right.

10. Ive tried flushing brake system with all new fluid, and the brakes still dont feel up to par.

I know the master cylinder is attached to the power steering pump, so I thought that this may have something to do with it. PS fluids were ok, I pulled a little bit out and replaced with a bottle of lucus powersteering fluid/conditioner. Now I think that may have been a bad idea because now I feel some resistance in powersteering and it whines sometimes.

I have always noticed a humming coming from where the powersteering block and master cylinder are, so I may have some issues here, but not sure. I can feel brake fluid pressure pulsing slightly at idle.

Before I start tearing into any other parts blindly, I hope that someone can point me in the right direction based on these issue and symptoms.

I have thought that the valve in the master cylinder could be getting stuck, which may cause caliper to not release quickly (jolt from stop to go), and maybe causing a caliper to hang up. I have checked all of the rubber and metal lines and they look good as far as I can tell.

I think this is a Hydrovac system and maybe I have a issue with vacuum pump or a leak somewhere that helps the booster and master cylinder out, but Im not real familar with the vacuum system routing. Also one thing that pointing me towards this, was about a year ago, the vacuum hub locks on my 4x4 stopped working, so Ive had to manualy lock hubs, i was thinking that there could be an issue with this and it could cause other problems too.

Any advise would help, and anything I can do or check before I have to go take it to dealership so they can make me broke.

I will try and answer any other questions you have about this.

Thank You in advance

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It sounds like you have internal corrosion in your brakes. Whether it was from lack of maintenance or bad luck doesn't really matter, but you pretty much have described the problem with the caliper pistons sticking. At this stage you will need to change out all of your calipers and completely clear out your fluid, including clearing the ABS. There is a procedure for this. Your hydro-boost is probably OK since this usually shows up as soft or low braking force.

The ABS could be as easy as above, but from what you have described, more than likely one of them is corroded or bad. Since you changed a bearing, this would be the most likely location. You really need a diagnostic tool to help you for this one.
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