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Need help 2006 6.0 No start

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I’ve got a 2006 6.0. 191,000 miles was bulletproofed, studded, new heads and a few other things done by previous owner at 162,000. I have receipts. Truck sounds like it surges going down interstate and has started dying on me. Sometimes it will start right back but when it won’t ipr duty cycle goes to 84%. Sometimes I will have to let it cool down, sometimes it will start back after just a couple minutes. Am I dealing with a faulty IPR? TIA
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Open/grounded IPR circuit. Stuck IPR. Loose connection. Shorted out IPR. Pull back insulation on the connector wiring to inspect. (note - this can cause a no-start, typically it will act up when hot)
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Depends on how much of a hurry you are in. If you can wait, then I would check out the wiring and THEN decide what to order based on what you find or don't find. You probably will have to peel back insulation and wiring harness jacketing.

In a recent thread a guy was in a real bind and he decided to replace 3-4 sensors all at once, instead of taking the time to troubleshoot each one. It worked for him. He hit the road pretty much when he needed to, but he spent more money than he probably would have if he would have got the multimeter out. He texted me a few hours ago and had 300+ trouble free miles under his belt. There is a time and place for multiple approaches.
A lot depends on where you live. We can point you to some good prices on line, but sometimes shipping is unreasonable.

We like Auto Nation White Bear Lake (or Tasca).

Part number: 5C3Z-9C968-CA

Sometimes, can get you the same price and delivery is free if you select to pick it up at a local dealership. From what I see on the IPR, it is too high through them ($275).

Rock Auto is $153, and I know they are popular, but for some reason I struggle with decisions on buying their stuff. Can't explain why, but I would rather spend extra at an on line dealership - at least on electronics. That said, $50 is a nice sum to save.
Extreme Diesel is another common choice, but they are a bit higher than ANWBL.
Tasca is $188:

Sunrise Ford is $184:

FairWay Ford (Ohio):
I also like DieselFiltersOnLine for filters, and sometimes you can get Ford engine parts (like the HFCM, glow plugs, etc). They don;t seem to have the IPR for a 6.0L though. The best thing about is that you can order all your OEM filters from them and add on another part or two and get free shipping on $250+.
I don't have a problem with a higher IPR duty cycle at WOT as long as you have enough pressure and power.

I think that the tune MIGHT be causing issues - I can't say for sure though.
84% is max, so you won't get any more when you hit that. I wouldn't want to see 84%, but again - if you are getting all the power you need, then it isn't an issue at the moment. I was primarily stating that I don't agree that it should never be over 65%.

It is certainly possible that you could have a small leak that is causing the high IPR % duty cycle.
I would check plugs at Icp, ipr and ebp. My 06’ was acting similar to what you are describing and it turned out to be connector to Icp .
The codes is an electrical one for the IPR or its wiring. IMO that is way more likely than an ICP code ......
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