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Hi all,

New here. Need advice on a truck i am currently drooling over.

First off let me say i am not new to diesels by any means. I was recently offered a truck from my boss that he simply doesnt want anymore. It has sat since late 2008. It is a 1994 F250 2wd. I mistakingly thought that 94 being the first year for a powerstroke, that it had a powerstroke in it. Upon opening the hood i find a mechanical injector pump. Intrigued i do the research and discover you guys. What is in the truck is the 7.3 k code IDI turbo diesel. I charged the batteries and cleaned the airfilter (mouse motel in there) and jumped the selonid and after alot of cranking it fired to life.

So here is where i sit. And where someone with more experience is needed.
Truck has 185,000 miles
transmission is good
brakes are out
body is in fair shape with rust in the passenger front fender, and both rear arches.
cab is solid, as are the cab mounts and frame.
front bumper, driver fender, grill, and headlights are new.
tailgate mia
aluminum american racing rims with new cooper tires on front and excellent goodyears in rear.
Interior in amazing shape for milage and year

The main problem is that the truck smokes. when it was turning over white smoke poured out of the exhaust. when it fired up it had a white cloud around it at all times. it also has a miss. my boss (who i trust 100%) says that the miss is new, but that it always (as in always in recent years)smoked quite a bit until it got warmed up, and then it cleared up. He said he didnt really know how much oil it used as the valve covers leak pretty bad at the gaskets. I didnt really run it long enough for the engine to get warm, but i am wondering if you guys can help me with ideas of what might be wrong. Im thinking bad injector for the miss? white smoke means burning oil? bad ring? bad valves not seating and leaking oil? I am used to my diesels being in something large and red and having a top speed of 30 mph. any help would be appreciated.

Also, what is it worth?

Thanks in advance.

Imageshack - 1001565x.jpg
this is the truck

Imageshack - 1001570kn.jpg
smoking while running

forgot to mention...........he will sell it to me for $500

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Welcome to the forum.

Your white smoke and miss is most likely injectors.

Here is your shopping list.....:rofl:

  • 8 brand new (not reman) "BB" code injectors.
  • New (these only come in rebuilds) injection pump.
  • Get a new return line/cap kit.
  • 8 new motorcraft/beru glow plugs part #ZD9. (rock auto has em for $10)
  • Valve cover gaskets form autozone part #VS50247R

Only get motorcraft plugs. Others have been known to swell up and brake off inside the head.

I would ask how long the WTS light stayed on for but i see you just jumped the starter solenoid.

Depending on how old the batteries are you could replace those. make sure to keep the battery posts clean and the grounds clean. it makes a big difference.

You will be looking at a complete brake job all around. depending on how much you want to spend on the brake system and what you will use the truck for it would be totaly worth it to convert to hydro boost and do the rear disc conversion.

At 185,000 miles that thing is still being broken in. for $500 i would be all over it.

You might also want to check out they have a huge IDI section with a ton of awsome, highly knowledgable people. the reason why i say to take a look over there is b/c they have a ton of traffic as well. there is not to mcuh traffic in this from. i go by the same username of '94IDITurbo7.3 over there. If you go over there and register, and i hope you do, ask around about Mel (username Agnem) and Russ (Typ4). they are the go to guys for injection pumps and injectors. Mel offers some modifications of injectors and injection pumps to get some more power. Russ also does turbo repair.
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