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Need a little more power

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Howdy from SC. Have a 2002 F350 DRW, 4:10’s, 113,000 miles on it, 4x4. Recently purchased a new to us fifth wheel that is noticeably heavier than our prior 5’er. Truck is bone stock and straight piped. Trailer loaded with golf cart and gear I’m guessing around 15,000lbs. It doesn’t “struggle” but doesn’t breathe easy either…
Been contemplating a chip to gain a little power. Don’t want anything huge as I’ve always been leary of breaking something. A very mild tow tune would be ideal. I’m not real knowledgeable on this, have a mechanic I would use, but I don’t know what I should look for.
This isn’t a daily driver. Primarily tow with it and trips that require a truck.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
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These 3 are the main things to start with on the engine.

And an exhaust. We normally recommend MBRP due to the amount I've installed. Diamond eye is cheaper, but I've ran into more fitment issues with them compared to MBRP. I didn't dive a link to a particular exhaust because there are so many options.

If you plan on doing a fair amount of traveling, I'd also recommend these 2 things.

Feel free to call the shop at 419-980-5371 or email us at [email protected]
Thank you. I’ll definitely give you a call
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