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@ZMANN & Heavy_GD
You Guy's Are Not Right!! It's 3:32 AM I have a Kidney Stone the size of An Almond.
Thank you for making me Laugh under these Circumstances .Now I will make up a Story to tell Mimi why there is Gatorade Dripping from the Monitor.
Thank You for all that you Folks do...
But you are still not Right!
Glad to help.
Here at the crazy house they only let us use the computers a couple hours of the day.
Sorry to hear about the stone, nothing good to come from that except the occasional nurse just out of college.

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Yeah I’m not much help there idk how it actually started but I followed the wires and it went to a module and it said code alarm on the top of it. I googled it and nothing came up that made any sense.

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You need to get the box loose so you can get the model off it. Once you get the model, you can get the correct remote for it.
Code alarm is the brand. It may need reprogrammed.
Also, you could have a bad connection in the wiring, or a bad door switch.

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