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no where till i can run used veggie oil. but i need help from those who are doin it. i have the money for the aux tank fuel lines, filters, pump and what ever else i just dont want to buy a complete kit, tryin to do it low budget if at all possible. i just have so many questions...
1) can i still run my chip with veggie oil
2) do i have to do any modifications to anything but the obvious.
3)will it eventually ruin my injectors
4)what fuel pump do i get
5)what heater core do i use and at what temps

i still have more just wondering if i could chat with someone who is runnin wvo, maybe see there rig up close in person.

please no RESEARCH dyno charts...

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help us out a bit, where are you located and what are you driving?

yes, you can still run a tuner with wvo

from talking to clay and a little bit of research, I thing you would be way better off buying a vegistroke system. Its a little pricey, but it will pay for itself pretty fast (depending on how much you drive)

make sure you can find a reliable source of WVO before you start buying stuff
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