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so my transmission (e4od in a 97' 350 psd) was just rebuilt about 8000 miles ago, the warranty is now expired (it was a measly 5k warranty). While getting stuck in some mud/soup up to the doors and rocking the living piss out of the hole, determined not to let the jeep heads onlooking get any satisfaction of seein me and my ego fail, my reverse went out. (it took another 350 psd and a 2500 dmax to yank me free).

anyway, my reverse went out. It still will crawl backwards as long as it is on flat ground and there is no resistance. fluid is at the right level, still got nice color, smells a bit burnt though. i dont have the money to rebuild the thing again... me and a fellow mechanic friend of mine are willing to attempt the fix ourselves as long as it is somewhat reasonable :dunno:... any tips/thoughts/help would be much appreciated in the diagnosing, teardown and rebuild areas..

oh i also just purchased a ATSG Techtran service manual for my e4od
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