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My Powerstroke Gets Me There But This Is What I Do When I Arive

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These are all takin at Sand Mountain Utah, at little sahara sand dunes
riding my YFZ 450 and my Banshee

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Nice run up the face, i love sand mountain even though i dont have any wheelers of my own. looks like you made pretty good time going up it.
yeah, thanks for the reply my banshee is no slouch check this one out it give you a better idea as to how fast it goes

any other questions or comments, im all ears
WOW what do you have done to that thing. or i guess what havent you done to it. lol post some pics. would like to see it.
its a 4mm with all the goodies, 34mm carbs, cpi inframes, lightened fly, advanced timing 4deg, bored 80 over (66mm), port polished, case porting, aluminum axle, alum wheel hubs, alum sprocket and brake hubs, bunch of chrome and alot more i cant think of

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Man that is nice, hope to see you at the dunes sometime so i can test drive it. just kidding. lol. if i had that i would be the only one riding it. lol
lol yeah man for sure hit me up if recognize it, unfortunately I em the only one on my banshee, its been like that for the almost 9 years iv owned it.... on the bight side i have two other bikes id let a fellow powerstroker mess around on, so call me out, im down there almost every weekend, next time im headin is labor day weekend
Wish i could make it labor day but my deer hunt is going on then. i usually go down a few times a year though. dont do to much riding, kind of just go down there for the party. lol
DEER HUNT U doin limited entery or what mine dont start for months
bow hunt, my deer and elk run the same days from August 20 till i Think September 15
are those skat trak extremes?? the paddles look alot bigger then my haulers. nice banshee btw
oh **** thats right man.... has the year flown bye.... thats right it goes bow mussel then rifle good luck man post it up if you tag one
thanks man, yeah there extreme 10 paddles i use them on the 300ft flat sand drags at the dunes I use 8 haulers witch is probably what you have
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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