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This forum has been huge for getting my truck up-to-speed over the last few months. So, I thought I'd give back and maybe help someone else out who runs into similar issues.

I bought my truck in Sept '16 from a Diesel shop owner. Nice stock truck with only 57K miles on it from hauling his trailer. I made the standard upgrades (blue spring kit, coolant filter, new exhaust, etc.), but after about 2K miles it popped the dreaded P0299 and P0470 codes. I initially cleaned the sensor, pushed some weedeater line down the tube, and reinstalled the sensor. Codes came right back. So, I went to a local Ford shop and picked up a new $100 sensor. This time the codes stayed away for a month or so, but then the CEL came back with the same codes. The codes always popped right after starting the truck.

So, I did finally did some serious research. I brought up the MAP, BARO, and EBP on my Edge Insight CTS2. My readings with KOEO:

BARO - 11.4 (I live up in the Rockies)
MAP - BARO + boost
EBP - 0

With the truck at idle, EBP jumped to 2, and then up to about 16 when I'm on the throttle. These readings seemed about right, so I decided it wasn't actually the EBP that was causing the turbo underboost. So, I cleared the codes and started to monitor the VGT. This was very eye opening as I noticed that on occasion my VGT, while at idle would creep up to 85% and hold. When I got on the gas, it would take a second, but then the VGT would move back into the normal operating range (for me, ~35-65%). But it started to get worse. This past week, it got stuck at 85% while at a stop light, and when I went to go, the engine just surged and the turbo barked at me while spitting out black smoke out the exhaust. The only way to get the truck back to working order was to pull over, turn it off, and then turn it back on. The P0299 and P0470 codes were back, and it needed to be addressed.

At this point, I figured it was time to crack open the turbo and clean the vanes, which I'm guessing were sticking. I attached a few pictures of the turbo removal and what I found on the inside. Luckily, Diesel Tech Ron and other YouTube warriors have some great videos out there (PM me if you want some links) about getting the turbo out and cleaning. I used an angle die grinder, a wire wheel, and some high temp aluminum anti-seize, and now the turbo works good as new. Luckily, my unison ring looked good with no cracks or warping of the solenoid hole, so I was able to reuse it.

The turbo clean was 2 days ago, and she's been running great since. It took me a solid 8 hours to complete the process, and I really took my time to clean/inspect everything really good (CAC boots, vanes, intake, etc.). But I think it was worth the time. I'm going to make sure those vanes get plenty of exercise in the future to ensure that rust, carbon, and soot don't build up again.

If anyone out there has any questions about the process or tools needed to complete the repair, please don't hesitate to reply to this message or shoot me a PM.

I'll post an update in a month or so with how the truck is doing. I'm hoping this is the repair that keeps the P0299/P0470 codes away, but I wouldn't be surprised if the VGT solenoid needs to be replaced in the future. But I've heard VGT failure is fairly unusual/rare.



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