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My Oil Cooler replacement -or- adventuring more into wrenching on my own rig

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Hey All -

So per other post [1] I'll be digging deeper into fixing my own issues.

Here is what I have planned please let me know any other thoughts or things I've missed.
We will be following these handy threads for order of operation: [2] [3]

I have a window of 5 days to get this all done and put back together. Bonus if I'm able to swap out the PS pump while I have the air filter and coolant hoses off on the driver side of the rig.

Ford OEM oil-cooler from local-ish Ford shop
$370.00 (hoping that has all the seals as well)

Sinister Diesel Coolant Filtration system w/ CAT filter from

Shell Rotella ELC Coolant
$20.99 / gal (how many?)

- kevin

[1] looking-for-thoughts-on-running-temps

[2] 6-0-teardown-for-oil-cooler-egr-delete.205819/

[3] oil-cooler-and-egr-cooler-service-pdf-files-and-notes.208814
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Ah yes @bismic thanks for the reminder ....
And before I tear into things ;)
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Best way to charge the coolant system is to get it full of distilled water, drain it all out, add 3-1/2 gallons of CONCENTRATED ELC coolant, then top off with more distilled water. Total system volume is around 7-1/8 gallons.
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On the filtration system you can get it for quite a bit cheaper from Dieselsite, $160:

Some other parts you might want:
-Intake manifold gaskets. They are reusable but I didn't want to risk them failing and having to pull it all back apart
-EGR Cooler gaskets. If you still have one I would go ahead and replace them, along with the little blue hose.
-Upgraded Turbo Drain Tube
-STC Fitting on the HPOP if it hasn't already been done
-IPR Valve screen. I would at least pull the valve and inspect.

For these kinds of random parts I just go thru Riffraff. Their website is super easy to find what you need:

If you don't have a good platform to stand on I'd highly recommend getting one. I use one of these:

5-days should be plenty of time. I did my oil cooler in 1-long saturday (my first time) and I felt that I took my time to be careful. The coolant flush will also burn a full day if you do it properly.
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