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Here is my story of “loss of power” on our 2003 7.3 E-350 van that has been converted to a 4WD RV by Sportsmobile. 34,000 miles.

It is currently at the local dealer and they say that is had a code in memory that indicated that it is the IPR (injector pressure regulator). This the first time (after 3 other visit to the service dept.) that they have found a code.

Please take a look at our symptoms and let me know if you guys think that my problem is the IPR. Their other thought is that is might be the fuel pick-up line in the aftermarket fuel tank! They want to drop the tank if replacing the IPR does not solve the issue.
Why would a short fuel pick-up line be causing this type of problem only in summer ?!?!? :dunno:

We have GOT to get this fixed…. :(


Loss of power under load has been occurring intermittently (three
spring/summers) Comes and goes but always in the summer, never in the winter Usually doesn't occur until we've been driving more than two hours; a handful of times it has occurred driving shorter distances but this is unusual. Occurs when under load like pulling a hill when it's hot outside (80's or higher)

For the first time, last weekend, the "Service Engine" light came on during the loss of power. The light went out after we shut down and restarted the engine.

When it occurs:
No smoke
No loss of RPMs
Oil level correct
Oil pressure good
No codes on ScanGuage

Pulling to side of road (with engine running) for a couple of minutes corrects problem. Shutting off engine for a couple of minutes corrects problem. Filling gas tank seems to correct the problem.
Seem to occur most often when tank is half full or less.

CPS replaced (Recall service was performed)

Thanks for you help, input, thoughts and knowledge!!!!!

Be safe,
Tim White <>< NSS 26949 RE FE
Editor, Nylon Highway
Southeast Region Coordinator-
National Cave Rescue Commission, NSS
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