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My 450 has less power than a Vega...

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First off I'm new here and what a great place, This place is a great resource for us newbies.

Now on to my story/question. So it started as a 2008 f-450 bone stock motor and drivetrain. In May no problem lots of power runs great. Come June start to get the the P2263, P2563, P006B and P042F codes. Take to a few shops all say no problem ignore and keep driving, P042F is for a stuck egr valve dealership goes ahead and replaces it, still continues to through other 3 codes. Stays this way until august when the truck got a MBRP Down Pipe back exhaust, H&S Mini Max and AFE intake, Truck still through codes (checked using the Mini max). I had the truck out on the highway a couple times in the last month one trip the turbos wouldn't light in 1st to 3rd gear and only begin to make boost in 4th gear (makes hauling the camper and trailer challenging) Second trip turbo starts surging like crazy, had it on cruise and the turbo hit 45psi but it didn't feel like there was any power. consistently on that trip was pushing 20-30 psi and was barely able to make it up some hills sounded like the turbos were spooling but there wasn't any power there. Took it back to the dealership and the pull the egr code again! this truck is driving me nuts.

EBP for the longest time was high 50's Low 60's at idle and would come done slightly when driving, then start the truck one cold day and EBP was high teens to low 20's at idle and similar when driving. So after some searching here it seems like the EBP Sensor or the Turbo actuator might be screwed, Doesn't seem to have any intake or exhaust least that I can find Does this sound right?? Anyone with other thought please let me know!
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No one with any comments or ideas how I can deal with these codes...
Bump for ya, never heard of those codes.
You took it to a few shops and the dealer and they said to simply disregard the codes??? Something doesn't sound right.

P2263 - Turbo Actuator Sensor
P2536 - Turbo Charger Actuator

Seems that the tube plus sensor off the drivers side exhaust becomes plugged up with exhaust sludge, the sludge then precipitates into the sensor.

Common issues include no boost on acceleration.

Go to the Ford dealer and get the sensor/tube assembly. Its pretty cheap ($~80) and fairly simple to install.
Thanks for the reply, hopefully its just the EBP sensor and tube. I'll change it this weekend and go from there. and yah one place told me to put duck tape over the check engine light...
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