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My 2002 f350 motor problems loping

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Ok hi new to this so please any help is greatly appreciated.
So last weekend I degreesed my 2002 7.3 motor with a pressure washer.
The truck ran great the engine has a crazy lope and a spongie gas pedal.
I've replaced the icp sensor
The ipr valve
And still the motor runs like crap. So any ideas would greatly appreciated.
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You want us to Guess? ;)

First STOP buying sensors that you might not need and have a real plan. Have you driven it enough to get it hot and maybe dry-out everything? Have you used compressed air to dry connectors (probably have to open 'em).

What about the SES light? Has it come on? Do you have the ability to monitor sensors and retrieve codes?

My Usual Scanner Advice;

If you're gonna keep & maintain the truck yourself I strongly suggest you get access to the special scanner software you need to do it.

To retrieve most of the codes you'll need to help and even do some testing look at the FORscan Lite or TorqueApp (you add an Android device and Blue Tooth Adapter for @ $30) OR the Windoze version with a USB adapter. I like this one for BT Android ->

Just a few years ago you needed to buy a professional scan tool because our trucks need to have a scanner with a Library containing both the Ford Proprietary AND the Diesel Specific codes in it. Add to that, our trucks are Not, specifically, OBD-II so the Generic scanners the Auto Parts Stores have are of little use to us. But today there are some very good App based tools, that are close to what the pro tools do, for fraction of the cost.

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