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Hello my name is mike and I'm new to the forum. I just picked up a 95 ford f250 7.3 power stroke, it's am auto 2wd truck. It runs and drives but needs a little work. It has some rust issues, and a fuel leak from the diesel pump under the turbo, and shifts hard between 1st and second gear. The truck is currently stock, but I have bought some parts that I plan to install asap. It also came with a complete 95 f250 7.3 5 speed 4x4 parts truck.

First I bought a rust free cab, front clip, and core support that I plan to paint before I install it onto the truck. First I plan to do the little bit of body work that needs to be done on it, and bedline the underside of the cab, and them painting everything (including jams) before installing it onto the truck.

Performance wise I have picked up a set of 160/30 injectors, air dog 2 lift pump, diamond eye 3" down pipe, 4" exhaust to a single stack kit, glow shift pillar mount gauge pod kit with EGT, Boost, and water temp gauge. I also picked up a snow performance meth injection system. Holding off to install everything due to having plans to order some more stuff before hand so I can just install it all at once. Planning on ordering an irate diesel regulated return fuel system, andrenaline hpop, cold air intake kit, ARP head studs, smith push rods, comp 910-16 valve springs, new valve cover gaskets, harnesses, and glow plug kit, cx racing front mount intercooler kit, riff raff billet intake plenums, and a ts performance 6 position tuner. This is just a start of what I want to do but I figured it's a good start to a solid build.

plans for later would be
300/200 injectors
s366 t4 turbo (or a compound turbo set up)
dual hpop's
dual air dog 2 lift pumps
custom tuning
Zf5 swap with upgrade clutch and flywheel
possible 2wd to 4wd conversion being I have a complete 4x4 5 speed parts truck and and a ts performance 6 position manual trans tuner,

body wise I plan to paint the the truck blue with a black painted front bumper, black billet grille, black housing head light lenses, with LED bulbs, *********** stroke diesel windshield banner, billet antenna, new 7.3 power stroke emblems for fenders, 5% window tint, rain guards, 52" light bar for across the roof, custom flat bed with built in head ache rack, and flush mount LED tail lights, and dual black cat stack's and black 22x12 wheels with 33x12.50r22 tires.

i know it's going to to take me a few years to reach my goal of where I want the truck but it's something I've always wanted, and happy to of finally got my dream truck.




my 1995 ford f250 7.3 power stroke auto 2wd

the 95 ford f250 4x4 5 speed parts truck

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Complete plans for the truck for the time being

Do all body work on cab and front clip and paint it all midnight blue
New 7.3 power stroke emblems for fenders
Billet antenna
Black billet grille
Black housing head light lenses
LED head light, turn signal and marker light bulbs
Black painted steel front bumper
52" light bar on roof
Custom built flat bed with built in head ache rack, and flush mount LED tail lights
White LED license plate lights
Black dual cat stack's
5% window tint
White powerstroke diesel windshield banner
White P with powerstroke in it for rear window
Black 22x12 wheels
33x12.50r22 tires
Black rbp side steps
Black rbp rear hitch step
Black rbp license plate frame

Restore interior
Grey leather seats
Pillar mount triple gauge pod with glow shift gauges (EGT, Boost, Water temp)
Column mount dual gauge pod with glow shift gauges (fuel pressure, oil pressure)
Blue LED bulbs in gauge cluster
Aftermarket steering wheel (billet steering wheel)
Black RBP pedal covers
Billet rear view mirror

160/30 injectors
Andrenaline hpop
Irate diesel regulated return fuel system
Air dog 2 lift pump
Steel braided hpop lines
Smith brothers push rods
Comp 910-16 valve springs
ARP head studs
New valve cover gaskets, harnesses, and glow plugs
Riff raff diesel billet intake plenums
Diamond eye 3" down pipe
5" exhaust to 5" dual stack kit
Cx racing front mount intercooler kit
Ts performance 6 position tuner
Auto to zf5 manual swap with upgraded clutch and flywheel
Have turbo rebuilt and have wicked wheel installed
Snow performance meth injection system
Cold air intake

Rebuild the factory suspension
Upgrade the shocks
Rear helper air bags

Possible 2wd to 4wd conversion being I have a complete 4x4 5 speed parts truck.

Plans to upgrade later
T4 s366 turbo kit
300/200 injectors
Custom tuning
Zf6 swap
Fully built axles

If anyone has any recommendations feel free to let me know. This is my first powerstroke, and my first diesel truck I'll be building. My only other experience with diesel is on my 00 vw jetta tdi I started building recently.

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you need a built bottom end.
and join up if you really want to actually build this. Most guys here never break 500 hp in a 7.3

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I am aware that the 7.3 isn't a good engine for making big power numbers and it's not cheap to build. I know for what I'd spend making 500hp 7.3 I could have a lot more gains from a 6.0 or 6.4. But I've always dreamed of having a built 7.3 obs truck. My engine in my truck has under 100k miles, and is a 1st gen 7.3 with the forged lower end capable of handling 600/650hp, where as the second gen 7.3 has powdered steel rods barely capable of handling the stock hp. I do plan to install all ARP lower end hardware and head studs with mlx gaskets to help the engine support the power and prevent head lift at high boost levels. My other plan was to eventually build a custom compound turbo set up using an s366 and a gt5541r 100mm turbo, 300/200 hybrid injectors so that it requires less oil pressure to operate the injectors so I'll get more reliable fuel supply, dual andrenaline hpop's , dual air dog II lift pumps, irate diesel regulated return fuel system, custom front mount intercooler set up using 3" piping, custom 5" hood stack to 6" miter cut hood exit, comp 910-16 valve springs, smith brothers push rods, billet intake plenums, custom tuning, snow performance water/meth injection system, obviously it will be fully deleted etc. Ifc everything goes according to plan I don't see an issue breaking well over what I want. I want about 450rwhp, so figuring with the engine being built, and the turbo set up
and fuel system being obviously capable of well over my power goals, it should last. As far as drivetrain mods I plan to upgrade to a new posi unit, and a zf5 swap with upgraded clutch and flywheel. Have a lot of plans to also upgrade the cooling system to help keep the engine cool as well. So we'll see how it goes. Maybe it'll work and I'll achieve my goals, or maybe I'll fail and it'll either be under my hp expectations or it's going to be way over and possibly damage the engine. Luckily I have a spare stock 7.3 engine in my garage just in case. As I said this is my first diesel build but I have done a lot of research for the last few years to learn what makes power and what doesn't, and what engines will handle what hp on stock internals etc. But im going to enjoy the build regardless of the outcome. I may end up having the lower end built and having it fire ringed before starting to do any performance mods just in case.

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You should check out my engine build thread in the projects thread. The only difference for the most part is the injector selection. I chose 205/30's for pulling power and it should yield about 480HP. be prepared to spend some cash. I'm at 13.5k right now.

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So I have been researching since I've got the truck on doing a 2wd to 4wd conversion. Thinking of pulling everything I need to do the auto to 5 speed conversion and transfer case out of my parts truck to use in my 2wd truck. But as far as axles go in thinking about going with 05+ super duty axles to make the 4wd conversion a little less of a hassle being the 05+ and my 96 2wd both use front coil springs instead of front leafs, and looks like the 05+ super duty axles are alot beefier the the obs axles. So I need to research more to see if this plan is feasible or not.

So current plans are
Auto to 5 speed conversion (may install the drive shaft, transmission, brand new transfer case, ts performance 6 position tuner, and 160/30 injectors from my parts truck into my 96 2wd until I can afford to do the full 4 wd conversion)

2wd to 4wd conversion using 05+ single wheel super duty axles along with the steering box from the 05 sd and the hydroboost from the 05 sd being I'd be going from rear drum to rear disc brakes.
In the process id be swapping to all upgraded bushings and a 2.5" leveling kit in the front, and installing a set of 22x14 wheels and 33x15.50r22 tires. Also would be upgrading shocks while I'm at it. This way I'd have 4wd, and it would ride alot better than the stock obs suspension and axles, and have alot better brakes, and beefier axles than the stock obs axles. The truck has a tow package and 5th wheel and I plan to buy a 5th wheel trailer to haul cars and stuff so I feel it'd be alot better for towing

I picked up a set of clean fenders for the truck, and clean doors with good mirrors. Amd a rust free hood. Need to order a driver side floor pan to patch up the hole in the floor pan and new cab corners. Plan to paint the truck midnight blue, install a gloss black super duty front bumper with flush mount LED pods, a black billet grille, black head light bezels, black housing head lights, a 52" light bar on the roof, and looking for a flat bed for it, plan to paint the flat bed semi gloss black with flush mount LED tail lights, and dual 8" black cat stack's, and I have a buddy making me a white powerstroke diesel windshield banner, and a big p with the powerstroke in it for the rear window.

Interior I plan to restore and keep mainly stock. Have the head liner redone, replace the carpet, and install a grey leather split bench from a newer truck (unsure as to what I would get them out of yet, thinking eddie bauer f150) and installing my pillar mount triple gauge pod, and glow shift gauges (EGT, water temp, boost) and a dash mount triple gauge pod with glow shift gauges (hpop, oil psi, fuel pressure), and repairing my cluster (tach needs replaced) and installing blue LED's in gauge cluster and replacing the stock speakers with skar audio 6.5" components and a skar audio highs amp and bluetooth head unit.

Engine im mixed as to what I want to do. I know stock with minor mods the engine retains it's reliability so thinking about keeping it closer to 300hp. Thinking a set of 160/80 injectors, regulated return fuel system, andrenaline hpop, tp38 super upgrade turbo (66mm) with blank turbo mounting pedastal without the ebp valve, AFE cold air intake (just for engine bay looks I know it doesn't add any power other than making the whistle louder), mbrp 5" dual stack kit, 5" exhaust tubing from the 3" down pipe to the elbow for the stack's, irate billet intake plenums, ARP head studs, comp 910 valve springs, smith bros push rods, new valve cover gaskets, glow plugs, and glow plug harnesses, cx racing front mount intercooler, and a ts performance 6 position tuner with custom tunes, and an upgraded clutch and flywheel. So would be capable of handling more but it would be well below the limit of the engine but it would be alot more fun to drive.

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So this is the full plans for my truck as of right now. So will be going to local u pull it in the next few weeks to see if I can find a good set of single wheel super duty axles, and driveshafts, and front and rear suspension, and steering box and hydroboost. And also going to see what I can find for a leather split bench seat. And hopefully start pulling what I need out of the parts truck, and get start doing the body work on the new body panels and get them ready to paint.

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It looks like you have plan it all before getting this truck. Good luck with this build make sure to keep us posted with the progress. I am hoping that it will successful upgrade.

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Does anyone have any links to a 2wd to 4wd conversion using the 05 plus single wheel super duty axles?? I found axle swaps on 4wd's and I found 2wd to 4wd conversions using the stock axles but no 2wd to 4wd conversions using the 05+ axles. If anyone could post some links for info, I'd greatly appreciate it. From what I've read for the rear, I will need the complete rear end, and leaf springs , and shackle relocation brackets to install the rear end, and a conversion u joint. I have a zf5 trans and brand new transfer case and front and rear driveshafts from 96 parts truck already. for the front, I know i need a complete d60 front end from the 05+ super duty, 05+ super duty radius arms, 05+ super duty brake hoses, 05+ super duty steering box, and pitman arm, and 05+ super duty front coil springs. What I don't know is if I need to use conversion brackets for the front radius arms, and if it requires any frame modifications to make it all work. Also I know I need to change the wheels and tires so I plan to buy a set of 22x14 wheels with 33x15.50r22 tires, and a 2.5" leveling kit for the front to level it all out. But if anyone could send me a link to help me find any info on what needs done to install the front 05+ axle into the 96 f250, id greatly appreciate it.
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