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mud grapplers vs trail grapplers

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not worried about tire tread i know the MG is not as good as the TG with tread wear but which one is better in the mud and at high speeds on the highway??

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i would say the trail grappler but i dont have any experience
How often are you in the mud? I have the Trail Grappler MTs and I do mostly highway driving and hauling with some off road on construction sites. I don't need the MTs at all but I like the way they look better.
I tow goosenecks and drive on the pavement mostly and I would buy the Trail Grappler MTs again. I haven't been stuck yet, knock on wood. Previously, I had the Toyo MTs and those are worthless compared to the Trail Grappler MTs, based off my use.
I have never had the TG's but i do have a set of MG's on my truck right now. They work awesome in mud but the humming sound as your drive down the road can drive you nuts sometimes. You actually have to turn the music up loud to drown out the sound. Overall a good tire though!
I had the mud grapplers before. Not a bad tire. Just make sure you keep them rotated.
I run the MT's on mine and they're great. I just play around in the back fields and use my truck as a daily driver and towing trailers. Great on the highway and doesn't hum too much
I'm getting the trail grappler. Everyone says they are quiet and does good on the road.
Get the trails!

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Trails are better in 99% of driving situations.

I have Mud Grappler's on the truck now with Trail Grapplers in the garage ready to go on when the snow flies. The main difference is the noise - trails are much nicer to run the highway with. Muds look great, awesome in mud but suck in every other way :)
The muds look cool but are way to loud. I just get sick of the noise.
but if it was 100% based on off road performance which would yall pick??

I love my trails other than always having to pull rocks out so it doesnt throw them at my paint. I use to always have to put the truck 4x4 every single time I was in a soft yard or in loose ground. My truck is super light in the back so it is always spinning. Needless to say I havent put it in 4x4 since the new tires. Road characteristics are nice, they are decently quiet and handle nicely. In the rain they suck but so did my old tires and mostly cuz my truck is so light in the back. My friend has the mud grapplers on a dodge gasser and I rode a few miles down the road and my head about exploded. I'm sure they do great off road. Can't go wrong with either, just depends if ya can stand the noise
im still in that always have to use 4x4 stage and now my 4x4 doesnt work..
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