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Well as I'm looking around I see this shudder/shaking/vibration is very regular. It really kicks in at 80km/h but can be felt at lower speeds too. Also there is a VERY bad shaking/hopping/shudder/viration at 60-70km/h while going up hill and it doesnt matter what gear I'm in. It feels like the rear end is just bouncing off the pavement.

My Experience:
I have a 2012 F350 with the 6.7 with 24000kms on it. It has a Ready Lift Stage 3 leveling kit (2.5"/front, 1"/back) with 325/60/20 BFG All Terrains on stock wheels, all installed by the dealer who is not backing up their own work. I brought it to the shop and the first thing the dealer said is that it is a bad tire. I had to Call Ford Canada to get them to swap them for stock wheels and tires to check it out considering they said this without even looking at it. They also wanted to charge me for this because my truck is "modified" (Ford Canada actually rectified this). When they did swao the wheels and tires the shaking was completly gone. After this i took the the truck to Kal Tire and had them ballanced and rotated multiple times and it never fixed a thing. Have new ones orderded and will be installed this week (BFG's again) but im prtty sure its not going to fix a thing according to what I'm reading here. My main argument when I go back is going to be that the problem was gone with they put the stock tires on. If anybody has any info i can use as ammo for when i go back there it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

PS: Boycot Northstar Ford Lincon in Fort McMurray AB. Buying this truck from them was a grave mistake!!!
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