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I recently punched a hole in my AC condenser. After receiving and installing a replacement condenser, I added refrigerant (134a). While the refrigerant was being added, the suction pressure would go up to about 50#, the lines would get cold, and then the suction pressure would return to about 5#. I was not monitoring the high pressure side. I could not detect any cooling coming from the dash board vents.

I added more than enough refrigerant to replace the entire charge according to the label on the radiator header. When I released the schrader valves by depressing the valve stem, there was nothing to release either on the high pressure side or the low pressure side. I could not find any residue from leakage any where.

The compressor appears to be working however, I had to jumper the low pressure cycling switch to get the compressor to kick in. I know the refrigerant was pumped through the new condenser because I could see oil when I disconnected the lines to the condenser to check.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to locate where the refrigerant is going?? Feel free to pm me if you need additional information or have questions.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice offered. I have found much valuable information on this site and others although this is the first time I have come pleading for assistance.
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