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Looking for someone who has successfully got the individual cylinder misfire detection or cylinder contribution tests to work on any of these android apps. The engine definitely misses and PCM has set misfire DTCs

In torque pro when going down the list of available PIDs, the available ones are shaded in green, with the value in blue, while unavailable ones are black. Misfires show up green, but no counts, just 0.

I can read all other data that I need using any of the apps, and Car Diagnostic Pro will do the injector buzz Test, so I know it's communicating both ways

My setup:
2004.5 6.0 The FICM is tuned, but PCM is not, has factory software.
Scantool OBDlink MX Bluetooth adapter and BAFX obd adapter.
Samsung S7 or HTC M8
Latest downloads of all apps, FORScan, Torque Pro, Car Diagnostic Pro, paid versions

The misfire equation for cyl 1 in Torque (other cyls are similar except for PID):

OBD mode and PID: 22160e
Long name: Cylinder 1 misfire count
Short name: MF1
Min value: 0.0
Max Value: 100
Scale Type: Count
Equation: ((A*256)+B)
OBD Header: Auto

Cyl #2 PID 22160f, #3 221610, #4 221611, #5 221612, #6 221613, #7 221614, #8 221615

Does misfire detection work on any of your trucks? Is there some PID formulas I haven't been able to find? Or am I missing something else.
Any help would be appreciated!
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