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Mini Maxx Error 0

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Just got a used Mini Maxx and when I try to download a tune it says its in recovery mode. So I pressed ok and it let me continue on. but when it goes to actually start the download it pops up with "Error 0, Unable to open file CC33AC0". I've tried all the usual stuff. New SD card, New full download, Updating it etc. some are saying its bricked but I want to make sure before i spend more money.

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If you updated it you essentially bricked it as they haven't offered any updates since 2014.
Probably not, there are support groups on like Facebook or search Google, could be a chance but don't really think so. People run SCT or EZ Lynk around here. You'll have to get custom tunes for either one, don't ask who will write tunes you won't get an answer since the EPA crackdown, just search, it's been discussed plenty on here who still writes them, and Google should be able to help out.
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A tuner is typically 300-600 for SCT, EZ Lynk, ha, more like 1k-1200 plus tunes. SCT tunes are usually anywhere from 80-160 for a package.
You can do the same with SCT with a SOTF switch. SOTF tunes are a bit more money as well.
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