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I have a 2008 F350 6.4 with a mini max programmer. I also have something under the hood with a bulldog on it ( I would like to know what that is)

I have been looking for info on programming and using my mini max to the fullest it can. Does anybody have a similar setup?

Thank you
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Well, you are off to a good start because you win the award for worst description of parts ever. :lol2:

Post a pic of the bull dog and give our search box a try for other threads about tuning. :
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Here are the pix of the bulldog. Sorry didnt have any st the time of post.


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Looks like your EGR has been deleted and that is a plate.
thats a pit bull, and that blue color means its "sinister diesel"... they trademarked everything blue so they own you now.
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Looks like a good set up under the hood, I see you have a cold air intake as well.

On the minimaxx, I wouldn't personally recommend running the HD300 tunes unless the truck has head studs. You can see what settings its on I believe if you go to -Main Menu - Show settings. On the information it pops up, it will say Tuning - Mild or HD300. HD300 is the hottest settings the tuner has, otherwise you can run there Mild tuning which adds up to 250 HP.

It will also pop up "Transmission Tune : Sxx." My recommendation is their SM1 transmission tune.

You can set up defueling parameters to help protect the truck. I recommend the below -
Set Pyro 1 & 2 to off
Engine coolant hot to 220
Engine coolant cold 160
Boost 45
Trans Temp 220
Oil temp 220

If its running the HD300 tunes, your adding 300+ HP to the truck. If you beat on it, you will end up breaking stuff, whether it be your motor or trans. Oh, and DO NOT update the tuner unless you want an expensive paper weight.
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@J98 so you sold a 6.7 to get a 6.4? That's very interesting...
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@jman37 I buy, wrench, enjoy and resell hopefully before something goes wrong, lol. So far so good!
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Haha nice. Trying them all out. I see a 6.0 in your future!
Haha nice. Trying them all out. I see a 6.0 in your future!
The 6.7 spoiled me... I don't I'm no longer interested in pre-2008 trucks :look: ... until I hear a 6.0
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