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Mechanic shops close by...

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Hey everyone! I am looking for a shop close by that knows SOMETHING about 6.0's! My 06 has been in the shop for 3 weeks and all the mechanic can tell me is the motor is locked up or something. He says I need a new motor. Very long list of problems with this truck since January. I replaced the STC fitting, got it to crank and run for a few seconds quite a few times but it kept burning up the starter (whether it was the operator, bad starter, or another problem is the question). Anyways, I live in Selma and had a VERY BAD experience with the Ford place here in 2010 and I am just looking for any recommendations of a shop or mechanic close to me that can help me get this truck running again.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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Also Looking

I'm also looking for a good shop close by the Huntsville area. The only place in town I personally know of is Rocket City Off Road, and with first hand knowledge of some of the work that has come out of there I'm very worried about utilizing them. Lift work is what I want done so any advise is greatly appreciated.
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