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I have mentioned this mod many, many times and thought I would do a quick write up on it. Maybe one of the kind and generous mods will make it a sticky somewhere? All PSD diesels have a block heater installed by Ford, starting in 2005 the cord became optional, but the heater itself was still in place. The easiest way to locate your block heater is to look at the base of your oil filter for a organish connector, may be black if you don't clean your engine, lol!! Follow the cord leading from this connector, if your heater has never been used it will lead to the front of the truck just behind the grill and will be zip tied in place. If you live in a climate where you plug in often you know what a pain it is to have to reach up inside the grill to find the cord. Many people will yank on the extension cord to unplug the truck, this constant jerking on the cord tears it apart and they will quickly fail, usually on the coldest night of the year. Good news is there is a solution to this, I call it the "Marinco Mod". Marinco makes a lot of electrical accessories for boats and RV's. Here is the Marinco plug we are going to be using.

This one is in black, but they come in different colors, even chrome. If you have ever replaced a plug on a electrical cord you can do this mod. You can find these plugs at any boat shop, bass pro, cabella's and of course online. Next is to select where you want to mount it. The most common place is in the bumper, but I have also seen it mounted on the grill in the tall vertical section of the factory grill, but you need to find the place the works for you. I like the bumper because it is good n solid, the grill can flex and if it is real cold it can also be brittle, so think about this. Next you will need to drill a hole, IIRC it was a 2 1/4" but verify this as it has been many years since I installed mine. I used a carbide bit that I rented from the local body shop for a few bucks. Here is where I mounted mine, the plug in this photo was the first one that I purchased. Then I found one in white so I switched them out.

After drilling the hole I would coat the edges of the hole with some paint to keep it from rusting. I had some of the KBS product left so that is what I used. Now run the cord to the back side of this hole and cut the factory cord to the proper length. Next you simply wire the new plug onto the cord and fasten the plug with three small screws and a large nut that threads on from the back of the plug, you can see it in the first pic. You can use some silicon around the edges but the rubber gasket it comes with does a fine job on it's own. The plug has a nice rubber lid that keeps snow, ice, mud etc out of the plug when not in use. The pic below shows it in black, but I later located a dozen of them in white so I switched them out. When running a extension cord to the plug get one that has the plugs that light up and use a outdoor timer set for 3 hours before you have to leave. This way all I have to do is look out the window in the morning and I can verify that the heater is on by seeing the plug glowing bright. These block heaters draw 1000 watts and not something you want to leave on all night long.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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