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The fine print:
  • The pictures entered must be of YOUR truck that YOU CURRENTLY own, no internet finds
  • Please upload your pics to the site where possible, if I cannot see the link it won't count
    • Unfortunately we cannot use photobucket because of their watermark
  • And for the love of bulletproofing, one, 1, ONE, picture
    • Multiples will be disqualified
  • Submissions close at the end of the month
  • The four finalists will be chosen at random and we will vote

Thank you for your support

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Yes sir, thats a bad unit @2003_6.0lariat is that factory blue?
No it鈥檚 the color the previous owner had it painted. It was used in a fence company believe it or not haha. My kids love it. My wife hates it. And I change my mind every other time I look at the truck haha.

And thank you btw.

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First Step: Spark Plugs.
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I've put off submitting it... but what can it hurt?

Beautiful 2003 crew-cab short bed dually.... The other details of the photo are not important...

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