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Well, it's been a long hot couple of weeks down here in Texas. But she's finally running.

I want to thank everyone who has ever posted a question and those with expertise who replied. By identifying a problem and completeing all my research here, on something I was clueless on (diesel engines)...not only did I better understand the intial problem (restricted oil cooler) but I quickly learned the basics of the 6.0 PSD and all the problems associated with it.

Because of identifying a delta difference quickly and NOT pushing the motor I preserved the integrity of the EGR cooler (not ruptured), thus saving my head gaskets.

A special thanks to Colo Dually and his Bullet-Proofing write up. This served as an outstanding guide.

A Very Special Thanks to NYC....for being there to calm me down the few times when frustrations ran high...LOL

A definite SHOUT OUT to Nickolas and Bear at TOUSLEY Ford. Prices are great.....service is even better!!!!!!!! If I ever buy another truck, I'm heading to Minnisota.

The work completed is as follows:

-Purchased ScanGuageII (nice little guage for the price)
-Flushed with restore & restore plus
-Sinister EGR delete
-Cleaned and replace EGR valve (to keep from throwing code)
-Coolant Swap to a silicate-free ELC Cat-1
-Turbo reconditioning (filthy, huge difference...even a bit of a whine if you listen carefully..LOL)
-Turbo oil feed line upgrade
-Turbo drain tube upgrade
-Oil cooler (Ford's so-called upgrade LOL)
-STC upgrade (had the metal bracket)
-Standpipes and dummy plugs (PITA passenger side)
-Sinister Coolant filter (a must after I saw what came out)
-Updated Fuel Pressure Regulator Spring (blue, immediate response now...niiiice)
-New degas bottle and cap (crack in bottom)
-Swapped out all filters (motorcraft).
-Switched to Mobil 1 diesel truck 5-40 fully synthetic (I do believe it's quieter and smoother running...maybe it's me...LOL)

Total price, including new set of tools.....around $1,800. I can only imagine what the dealer would have charge for the above???

Some advice to anyone new attempting anything similar....

-Assess your own skills....if you're mechanically inclined, you can do it.
-Loosen all exhaust catalytic converter, driver's side manifold/y-pipe too.
-Turbo to y-pipe connection......AHHHHHHH this little PITA connection!!!! The best way I found was to grow 3 more hands!!!! If you can't do that, make sure that this is the FIRST connection after placing the turbo on the pedistal. Don't even insert the mounting bolts. By having a LOT of patience and tilting the turbo and wiggling the y-pipe you will get a perfect connection....and it needs to be perfect....4 times ripping it down and lining it up. Once you're holding the turbo and the y-pipe together have someone else tighten the Marmon clamp down. I slid the clamp around so it could be reached from the front (FICM side) with a very, very long extention. So, as I held the turbo and y-pipe together, it was easy for someone else to tighten the clamp down
-Did I mention patience??? Gonna need lots of it.
-Passenger side oil rail had to come off.....used a T30 Torx bit with a 1/4" box(or buy an T30 long handle L key, if you can find one), not much room to get at the bottom rear two bolts.
-Driver's side exhaust manifold/y-pipe connection.....nut and bolt spin together.....not much room. Bought a flex head 3/8" ratchet...uses a 10mm and dropped it down on top, held it from underneath....while working the nut. Worked great.....numerous

For those of you that have seen my previous know it's been a long hot couple of weeks. The Texas sun was (is) brutal. Didn't have a day that didn't reach 100....and one that reached 111. So....the work was mostly done at sunrise before it heated up.

Below are some pics.....

Thanks again Y'all,

Retired 30 yrs

Driveway.....canopy helped tremendously

Turbo cleaned up nicely....took some time and kit has nowhere enough material, used a dremel and a flap wheel to clean around the vane pins.

Organization was key, cleaned up each night....all tools accounted for.

Final degas bottle after I found leak in that one.

And all things come at a price......slipped on ladder and caught on light on grill. 9 sutures. Big savings by sewing it myself...been a while since I'd done any sewing....healing nicely.

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Blood,Sweat, and Tears.....ah the joys of doing your own wrenching:nod:
Nice job, nice truck, glad its up and running.:thumb:

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Wow, congrats on doing the job yourself, John! I understand wrenching in the brutal sun and agree with your patience comment. BTW, I think you might have a sick mind with how organized everything is. :D Sorry to hear about your leg, but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing it was done properly by you! :thumb:

PS. You might consider requesting access to the Military Member usergroup. PM me if you need help. :nod:

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Your welcome, friend.

That was the whole purpose for the write up of mine, glad to see it put to some use.

The truck looks great, and that pride of doing the work yourself.

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Congrats John (or is it really Jahn?)! I've been following your other thread too, man... you certainly dove right in - didn't ya? My hat's off to you sir. Maybe we'll be asking you for advice soon. Good luck with the truck, and thank you for your service! :thumb:
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