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99 7.3l van (*****)! Anyway the customer put about a half a tank of gasoline in with the fuel. Tank was drained, diesel was added and fuel filter was changed. Oil looks good. This thing smokes its butt off under load, it used 2gls in 2 minutes. The engine has zero power, won't reach 2500 rpm. I can't even perform a KOER test because the engine dies. The data looks ok as far as I can tell. It acts like it's getting too much fuel, like a bad fuel pressure regulator. Here are the symptoms:
engine starts hard
white/blue diesel smelling smoke
no power only reaches 2300 rpm
fuel pressure 70 psi
data looks good
engine dies during KOEO test
If anyone can help that would be great. The gasoline damaged something, I just can't find it.
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