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Make room for the light bar

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I have a 20" light bar that I would like to install in the middle space of my front bumper. Unfortunately, thats right where my front license plate bracket goes. With both front and back plates being mandatory in VA, where is the best place to move it to without looking tacky?


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I have seen them under or on top of the bumper, but, IMHO regardless of the position most of them look tacky.
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you see the coolers behind the middle space in your bumper?
I wouldn't put a light bar there or any of the grille opening if you tow heavy. the mandatory plate would even bug me

the mirror pods are an option
you can get some decent "fog' light replacement beams if you don't use them for daily driving you can get some pretty bright units
move the plate.

you can mount it to the bottom lip of the bumper (under the light) or put it on the side with 3m tape.

also, make sure you know the rules around having a light bar in Va... the state boys can be picky depending on where you live.
I haven't heard of anyone in my area getting a ticket for having light bars, especially not mounted inside the bumper, although I do know that many places will not pass you on state inspection with a light bar. I will probably end up making some sort of bracket to lower the plate so the top is about flush with the bottom of the hole. ZMANN I don't plan to be hauling anything too heavy in the near future. Thanks for the responses
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