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Alright, So first thing, does anyone have the factory manual for 2006 6.0L in PDF i can download/send to me?

Second thing is my truck is Stock and has 73k miles on it. I bought it from an independent dealer at 70,400 and also purchased the "Premium Extended Serv Plan" from Ford.

The dealer said they replaced the EGR Cooler and fluids,etc. After i get back from Afghanistan in November I want to have some things looked at and fluids changed, etc.

I am new to Diesels and am curious what maint. is involved or I am looking at in the near future since i dont expect a ESP to cover your basic stuff. Im used to my little VW R32 which is a hole different animal.

So my questions are as follows.

1). what are the fluid service intervals
2) does this motor have an internal timing chain/belt that needs to be changed out at a certain mileage?
3) At what temperature do you need to start thinking about plugging the truck in overnight?
4) By reading on the org, the trucks have quite a bit of filters, over your normal car gas engine. What should i be aware of and or keep my eyes on.
5.) Do i need to change fluids more frequently if towing?

6.)What types of modifications can i do that wont nessesarily void an ESP ( ie exhaust, suspension, etc)

Really anything regarding maintenance would be appreciative. If anyone has links for threads on the ORG, or other PSD sites, that might be beneficial as well.

Thanks for any input.


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I just emailed you the International Factory service manuals.

The 6.0L is very sensitive to clean oil. 5,000 mi oil changes with conventional oil. 7,500 mi with synthetics. I typically do my fuel filters (there is one on the frame rail, one on top of the motor) every other oil change.

Nice if your truck has a new EGR cooler... hopfully they did the oil cooler while they were in there. Its very important you are monitoring the correct things on your motor. Read this thread Monitoring the 6.0L. It has great info. You're going to have to invest a some money so you can monitor Exhaust temps, coolant temps, oil temps, FICM voltages.

Exhaust & suspension won't void your warranty. Running a different program (called a tune) on your engine computer could if they catch it. I ran tunes through much of my warranty period. I would just put the stock file back on the computer before dropping it off at the dealer. I never had any issues with the warranty work.

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Towing frequency for fluids is 5k miles on oil and 10k miles on fuel filters (per Ford).

Tranny filter (external) should be changed every 30k miles, but most do it at 20k or less (it is cheap). Tranny flushes (or a fluid change at least) should be done every 30k miles.

If you have the Ford Gold coolant, drain it, flush w/ DI water, and replace it every 50k miles. ELC coolant can be used and you can get much longer intervals (100k+ miles).

IMO you need gauges. A ScangaugeII reads directly from the OBDII port and tells you most of what you need to monitor (oil temp, coolant temp, tranny temp, high-pressure-oil pressure, etc).

You also really need fuel pressure and that requires an aftermarket sensor as well as the gauge.

As swilson143 said, you really need to know if the oil cooler was also changed!
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