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I have SIX of these ratchets for sale. They are used, have some nicks and dings on plastic handles and a few other places from general use. No major damage. Some have a little rust spot or two, they are very small, I will try to wipe it off. All use was open use out in the field, little rain, fog, and dew, up to the hot sun. These have Mac Tools Lifetime Warranty, if you don't like it they can fix'um and or replace it for you. New they are $144.00.

I no longer have a use for these and I am passing them on to you guys that can use them.

I have four of them I will part with at $75.00 each or OBO. For the lot of them make me an offer. Send me a PM and we will make a deal.

I am trying to get money for a new tuner for my 6.4L so help out here guys.

Mac Tool Web site Specs.
MacTools > Mac Tools: Product Details

Sorry about photos, took with cell phone. I try to get better ones posted.

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