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I just got through a two day battle changing my fuel filters and wanted to share my experience. Now i know there are a bunch of threads talking about the molded nut cracking off and then using a filter wrench to take off the plastic housing but having a S&B fuel tank creates a unique problem because the working space is severely diminished (See pic).

You barely have enough space as it is to get the ratchet in there. I did the classic turn and it always took a ton of force to get the housing to start spinning and this time it turned maybe 1/8th and snapped right off.

Couple of tips if your nut snaps off:
  • Dont try turning the lower part of the housing, it will just crack and disintegrate
  • Pray that it has gone far enough to get the WIF sensor unplugged, mine did
  • Buy this filter wrench: Life-Saving Filter Wrench
    • Lisle 57060 5" Tractor Swivel Gripper

That filter wrench was the perfect combo if grip and angle o the handle to get enough power on the wrench to get it turning in small increments. I tried with a strap wrench and other filter wrenches and the sizing of the handle/angle needed was always off. Also the normal filter wrench i tried kept slipping.

That filter wrench was my last resort before i thought I'd have to tow it to the dealer and it worked perfectly. I had to have some work done in the past and the dealer added an additional charge because they had to drop the tank to get it out of the way so i was thinking it was going to happen again.

As others have recommended, use clean engine oil to lube up the threads and the Oring and hopefully things will go smoother next time around!

I hope this helped, especially for those with an aftermarket tank.
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