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Alright guys here it is I've searched and the only thing I can find is people finding holes in the boots for the intercooler piping that's not the problem I've checked any help would be appreciated

here it is I have a 03 6.0 245k on it the problem im having is for a while I was only getting like 20lbs of boost max now I'm only getting like 18 or 19 max

the truck is studded had all the inj done not currently nor has it thrown any codes since I got it in August it had previously thrown a code for excessive shaft play and one for stuck vains as well as one for oil pressure switch inop but those were previous and I'm not sure if they have anything todo with my current problem

What I have noticed max 18-19 lbs of boost I've pulled all three rubber boots for the piping and cleaned them no noticeable holes also pulled the intake tube from the filter of and there doesn't seem to be any shaft play and the vains on the cold side seem to be spinning freely I have noticed a little but of oil residue underneath the turbo not sure if that got anything to do with it

According to my edge the vgt percentage stays about 80 percent until I step on the gas it's at about 40 - 50 percent at 3000 rpm

So there it is sorry for the long post any help would be greatly appreciated
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