Hello all. After long consideration I've decided to part ways with my 05 Excursion Limited and all the parts I have bought for it. I hate to do it but unfortunately I have no choice. Most of the parts are brand new in the box and I will have a description for each. My prices are slightly negotiable and I am willing to ship or meet up in person. I can accept Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, cash etc. I will be updating this list as things sell and they are for sale locally as well as on other platforms.

Brand New Parts:
Fluidamper 870201 balancer. New in box. Paid $500+ Looking for $400obo SOLD

Ford 5C3Z-6608-B front engine cover and oil pump. New in box Paid $530 Looking for $430

TamerX Fuel line crossover kit. Brand new in package. Looking for $65

RDP Aluminum Degas bottle, Silver with cap and sightglass. Brand New. $145

Beans Diesel fuel tank sump kit. Brand New in box. Looking for $145

Odawg S3R ported intake, raw aluminum. Brand new in box. Looking for $850 SOLD

Warren 175/30 injectors with premium spool valves set of 8 (4 were installed but never fired) other 4 were never taken out of the package. Looking for $1750

Bullet Proof Diesel 58v 6-phase ficm. Black finish. Set to 58v. Never used. Looking for $675

Mishimoto Coolant filter with (2) Wix 24070 filters.Black. New in the factory package. $135

Power Hungry Ficm tuner/programmer (GMDGFICMPGMR) Stock to 80% nozzles. 4 settings
Economy, Atlas 40, Atlas 80 and Hercules. Brand new in box. Never touched $450 SOLD

BD Diesel Performance exhaust manifolds(1041480) uppie pipe kit(1043916) Ford bolts(16) Ford spacers(16) and a set of Ford gaskets.All brand new in boxes. Looking for $925 for all

Dieselsite High Pressure oil delivery system with valve cover. (HPODSVC). Brand new in box. $950

Bilstien 5100 shock set (4) for 4”-6” lift. Brand new in boxes. 00-05 excursion $325

Rough Country N3 Dual steering stabilizer. (874030) Brand new in box $75

Wulf 3.5” adj front/2” rear level lift kit w/ adj. track bar. (332910047681) Brand new $310

Zone offroad 1” front shackle kit. (F5101).Brand new in box $75

RTZ rear 1.5” rear shackles.(714116) Brand new in box $50

Superlift 2570 Rear add a leafs. Brand new in box $60

Superlift 2051 front add a leafs. Brand new in box $80

Factory Fit. Acc 00-05 excursion carpet set. Black. Double cut pile, upgraded padding/backing. I ordered with every option they had. Cabin and cargo area. $375

Ford 3C3Z-10D898-AA overhead console message center (wasn't same as excursion) brand new. $150

Rough Country curved windshield brackets (99-16 fords) and Autosaver88 52” curved lightbar 500 watt, 50000lm. Combo spot and flood. Both brand new, never used. $100

Matte black custom 6.0 powerstroke badges. Pair (newer style ones). Brand new $ 40

***USED STUFF. Still on the truck but I will remove it as it sells. unless they go with the vehicle. Whichever comes first:

Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator. Few years old. Zero issues. Used. $350

Flexalite Direct fit Electric fan kit. Always worked amazing even when towing. Used $375

KC stage 2 turbo, with blanket. 10k miles on it. $1350

Banks Intercooler, Charging pipes, elbow and 6 gun tuner with digital display. Used $1500

NFab front light bar.Black. Used $75

S&B air intake. Cleanable filter. (75-5070) Used $225

***The truck:
2005 Ford Excursion Limited, 4wd, diesel. 13x,xxx on body (no batteries in it).Pueblo Gold. I bought this truck in 2015 from a friend of 28 years, whose wife used it to drop the kids off at school.Previous to him owning it , the vehicle was involved in a passenger side collision.rendering it totalled as per insurance company.(2013) He owns 2 body shops and repaired(no frame damage) door fender, grille etc.,used the truck and was planning on keeping before I convinced him to sell it to me.I purchased it with about 100k on it. Found it was suffering from head gasket issues and normal 6.0 stuff and decided to redo the truck. Bought a 6.0 with heads from Ford. replaced every single part and sensor I could. All Ford parts. Both drive shafts,leafs,Fuel pump. I decided I'd change everything and have a brand new truck. 20” wheels.Steel cowl hood. 4.10:1 gearing in front and rear. Newer style power mirrors. Braided brake lines,hi torque starter, hi output alt. New ac parts. If I had to take it off I replaced it. That was my logic. Fast forward to late 2018. Tranny was giving me issues, had it rebuilt with a billet converter (less than 100 miles on it) shut her off and she never started again. Pulled front cover to find scoring. Looks to be lifter related. It's gonna need an engine or rebuild and has a salvage NY title. Never had any issues. Rides straight, it's quiet and suspension always rode great. I dumped well over 40k into this with the purchase price and unfortunately I don't have the space to keep it or the area to fix it. I regretfully have to let it go.
Been sitting outside since early 2019. Gonna need tires but they hold air.I will include the factory turbo that was redone when i did the engine. Will need rad, charge pipes, air intake,elbow,intercooler etc. im selling that stuff separately to try and recoup as much as i can. I will be adding pictures as I go (within the week and can take pics if you guys need to see anything before buying). Make me a fair offer for the truck. I'm not looking to waste anyone's time and I really don't want to waste mine.

I will try to answer any questions as fast as possible. Just message me and I can give you my phone number. And even facetime or send pics. Whatever works for you guys.

Thank You,