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loss of power now wont start

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i was driving with the cruise set at 60mph pulling a slight grade when all of a sudden i started slowing down until it slowed down enough to kick the cruise off. so i stuck my leg in it and it did nothing. pulled over to the side of the road and before i could come to a complete stop it died. no check engine light, not overheated according to gauge, no loss in oil pressure. what do you think the problem is? only things done to the pickup are straight 4 inch exhaust and some sort of chip (already programmed when i bought it). Would love to know ASAP as i am stranded in Missoula Montana.
Thanks, Austin
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What year is your truck? Hard to assume what is wrong without a monitor. Hpop failure, icp, fuel pressure, hpo leak, loose injector allowing combustion gasses in the fuel rail. Your truck stores codes, the check engine light will not always be lit.

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