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Hey guys,

I went to plug my SCT programmer into my 2005 F350 OBDII port yesterday and it had a blank screen. My initial reaction was that the SCT was dead, but I decided to look up the fuse layout in the Owners Manual. I noticed that my primary cigar lighter is listed as "Cigar lighter/OBDII" in the Owners Manual. I proceeded to check the lighter and it doesn't work. I then pulled the fuse box cover and checked the fuse and it's good. Even replaced it with a known good fuse, but still no power to the Cigar lighter or the OBDII port.

I just did a quick test with my multi-meter and I do have power on one side of the blade fuse socket, but nothing at the OBDII port or at the lighter.

Has anyone run across this before? Is there another protective device between the fuse and the devices it's protecting?(relays, larger fuses, fuse links, etc)

HELP! I need to re-program my PCM!


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